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. u.s.a. today points out that former chancellor, michelle reid took a special interest in noise as an example of how sweeping reforms could transform the lowest performing schools. she awarded them for boosting scores. each teacher won a bonus. the principal got $10,000. >> i understand especially in an environment where there are significant rewards for test scores and where there are significant consequences, that some people would be tempted to cheat. but i think that is not who we are. >> henderson seems to be saying the students, the noise, and the seven other students earned those scores and the staff earned those bonuses. if somebody like a union or others have evidence to dispute this, they need to bring this evidence to her attention. >> this has far reaching implications. do you think we're going to hear from michelle reid? she is a super star. she was on oprah waiting for superman. michelle reid, we are going to hear from her. what about the teachers whose students earned or didn't earn these high marks? what about the administrators? the principal? we need to hear
pornography and one count of possession. u.s. attorneys say he had more than 600 computer image files, videos and stills of child pornography on his computer. >> he was a master manipulator. he would befriend the young boys and their families. he would work his way into their family and their communities. >> reporter: he kept a detailed journal of abuse of boys which occurred at a hotel in california, his home in japan, a hotel in nevada. many of the boys that were abused didn't know or remember what happened because he would get them drunk first then videotaped himself abusing them. >> he would ply them with liquor and get them drunk and they would pass out. >> reporter: after 30 years of sexually abusing boys around the globe what finally brought him down was facebook. a student at osborne high school stumbled upon sexually explicit remarks between her male friend and ricks. >> reporter: elaina stopped her son before he went to meet ricks who she realized was having an inappropriate relationship with one of her son's friends. >> ricks agreed to 300 months behind bars. it is binding and if t
against them anymore. the planes are all but ground, but the u.s. did lose one fighter jet today along the way. all that is left is this burned out shell. witnesses say that two american pilots were greeted as heros in this rebel controlled area. the pentagon blamed equipment failure for the crash. the pilots aren't badly hurt and back in american hands. it's the first major loss air assault, u.s. officials are calling it a step. >> virtually neutralizing his ability to attack civilians from the skies and extending the no fly zone over eastern libya. the u.s. is eager to hand over control of the operation. >> within a few days. >> it is still not clear who the u.s. will turn over control to. either britain, fans, or nato forces could take over. libyan rebels say the job is far from done. the organizationed group of rebels struggle to hold its ground. rebels say more and more civilians are dying inside the city at the hands of gadhafi's men. libya's air power may have been crippled, but with more men and guns, gadhafi has the upper hand on the ground. ask about the dire conditions th
in libya but secretary gates and saying the u.s. won't take the lead in arming and training the rebels. >> there will be resistance. there are plenty of sources. >> the pledge not to send u.s. ground troops in the end. they will be the ones who bring down gadaffi. president obama and his top aids have made it clear the operation will continue in libya until gadaffi is no longer in power and right now there is no sign that the rebel forces are organized enough to force the libyan leader to step down. now back to you, anita. >> thank you. >>> those two pentagon officials were unable to answer questions from some lawmakers who wanted to know how the u.s. would get out of the conflict if gadaffi remains in power. >> a 7-year-old from waldorf gets a hero's welcome on capitol hill. how she saved her mother's life. that story is coming up at 5:30 p.m. >>> would you spend $200 to watch your child graduate? one local high school is asking parents to do it. i'm peggy fox. coming up i'll tell who you is and why. >>> does this water look safe to you? the local story behind this fluorescent stream
and concerned and investigators are saying that they are working with the u.s. military to try to bring emil decker back to help in the investigation. meanwhile bethany is five months pregnant. investigators say there is no reason to believe that emi doesn't believe it was his baby because he was back here in september, october for a visit. they are trying it find out if there is any problem in the marriage. looking for information. trying to find if anybody knows bethany decker's whereabouts. peggy fox reporting live in ash burn. >> thank you, peggy. >>> a controversial decision that is garnering a great deal of attention at this hour. today the supreme court ruled that a grieving father's pain over gearing protests at his marine son's funeral must yield to the law of free speech. >> reporter: this would have to be considered a classic case of hating the speech but protecting speaker's right to say it. the baptist church certainly added to albert schneider's pain throwing up to protest at his funeral's son who was killed in combat. the church members conveyed the message that god is killing
. back to you. >> tonight, former dc school chancellor is blasting a u.s.a. report that questions whether some dc students had earned their standardized test scores. >> this report based on statistics said so many wrong students answers were erased and made to right ones. bruce johnson has been working this story and has more. bruce. >> former dc school chancellor says the u.s.a. today report lacks credibility, but you'll hear in this report that school officials at some point became so concerned after test results were changed at one school that people in charge of the testing were removed from their position. >> michelle reid will appear on national tv tonight to respond to questions raised about student test scores on her watch. >> if you look at the story overall, i think it absolutely lacks credibility. >> reid tells pbs talk show moderator there were questions raised about the high number of incorrect answers changed to correct answers. but she says an outside security firm found no wrong doing. >> when the academic achievement rates of a district like dc go up, peopl
of the situation in japan. engineers are trying to stabilize the crippled reactors. the u.s. is now sending two barges filled with freshwater to help cool the reactors. in tokyo the concern about radiation is growing. residents are waiting in long lines to get bottled water despite assurances from city officials that tap water is safe. radiation is affecting produce grown near the plant. and now cesium is throwing up from 100 miles away from tokyo. as japan tries to feed the homeless left homeless by the tsunami the contaminated food now threatens to make the crisis even worse. reporting from the united nations. >>> in hawaii damage from the tsunami is now estimated at more than $30 million. >>> we may not have seen the last of the celebrity polar bear from germany. you remember this. he died suddenly last weekend. the natural history museum in berlin is thinking of having him stuffed. the taxidermists are working on the polar bear. he became a global celebrity four years back when he was rejected by his mother and raised by zoo keepers. >>> flames and black smoke shot into the sky today in okl
the insurgent's advance. >> with that, they are warning the libyan government that the u.s. and its allies are considering military options. the increased bloodshed is also turning up the heat on the president to do something. >> reporter: anita, president obama warned libya's government that he would hold it accountable for any violence against civilians. >> reporter: rebel forces are trying to hold their ground, fighting off continued attacks by libyan government war planes. and the opposition has managed to keep control of the oil port town, but closer to the capitol, soldiers have pushed them out, opposition forces are having trouble maintaining the supply line for food and weapons and admit that they are outgunned by the air force. >> we don't give up. we win or we die. >> reporter: it is estimated that more than a thousand people have died and hundreds of thousands have fled the country. across the border into tripoli, a tenth city has been set up for evacuees. the libyan government is forcing foreign workers to fight the rebel. >> they will fight. >> reporter: another bam ma adminis
city leaders are weighing in on the report from u.s.a. today that questions whether some dc students had actually earned their standardized test scores. >> it was based on statistics and they say so many of the students' wrong answers have been erased and change to the right one there is no way the changes could be legitimate. >> one parent is telling 9news now that a teacher told her son to change his answers on standardized tests. delia gonclaves spoke with that mother today but we are going to begin with bruce johnson. bruce, i understand dc's former school chancellor may be changing her story tonight. >> reporter: this borders on bombshell news. michele reed now admitting on her watch there may have been cheating. she called her initial remarks about all this stupid. there is now one more investigation. there could be more. last night michele reed appeared defiant taking on reports that there might be cheating on standardized student test scores. >> if you look at the story overall i think it actually lacks credibility. >> reporter: but reed is apparently backing off those remar
is made. >>> u.s. commanders are attacking troops on the grounds. gadaffi rallied supporters last night during his first public appearance in more than a week. >> gadaffi has basically sworn that he will show no mercy to anybody who has been in opposition. that's not exactly an invitation to negotiate. >> in another development the air force is expected to join the patrols in libya by the weekend and it would make it the first member of the arab league that will take part in the mission. >>> israel's prime minister says they will react aggressively, responsely and wisely to today's terrorist attack in jerusalem. >> a statement was issued after a bombing killed a 60-year-old woman at a crowded bus stop. danielle knottingham has the latest. >> reporter: the bomb exploded on this jerusalem sidewalk as a group of people waited to get on the bus near the city's main entrance. at least one person was killed, dozens more were injured. the blast blew out windows on the bus spraying glass on the passengers inside. the explosion could be heard across the city. emergency crews rushed to the scene
'm like what? what ticket? it's $160 ticket. i'm like, what? i was completely outraged. >> u.s. park police says one of their officers was nearly run over by somebody doing a u- turn. >> when somebody is cutting across the street, the cars are able to come southbound. they are going to be surprised by a vehicle coming out of nowhere, that can cause crashes. >> in and out sergeant says the family -- had the family told the officer they had a medical emergency, they would not have had a ticket. also there was a tree trimming crew trying to get the tree off the parkway. the officers had to enforce the law. linda hadly thinks she was wronged. she's writing a letter and i'll share that with you at 7:00. anita. >>> peggy fox, thank you very much. >>> police in takoma park are asking for your help to find three teenage girls. rhonda hudson is on the far right and police describe her situation as critical. she was last seen on march 6. she is the girl on the far left. she was last seen on sunday. and that is ashley richardson in the middle and they may all be together somewhere in south ba
patrols were flown by non-u.s. aircrafts, but they confirm that the combat missions are likely to continue in libya, even after the hand off is complete. cbs news, united nations. >> the nato powers have been meeting in belgium for six days to consider which way to go in libya, including how aggressive the mission should be. >>> and one day after a deadly bus station bombing, the u.s. defense secretary, robert gates is out there. he is defending the road to protect himself. and the israeli officials blamed the palestinian militants for yesterday's attack in jerusalem. and israel has also carried out a series of air strikes on targets in gaza in response of continues of attacks. >>> bottled water and short supply with high demand. apparently they are receiving free bottles of water. but there was another setback today in the efforts to stablize that crippled nuclear reactor. two workers were rushed to the hospital after coming into contact with radioactive water. >>> and members of the public were all invited to show our support for the people of japan tonight. as the cherry trees around th
that are controlled by the opposition. meanwhile, u.s. warships are headed to the region while britain is working on a plan to impose a no fly zone over libya so gadhafi cannot bomb his own people. >> i think our job is to try and look around the corner and plan for every even and i note that other allies allies in nato and the u.s. are doing the same thing and that is right. >> more than 140,000 refugees are trying to flee the fighting in libya right now. many fear the situation can deteriorate quickly into a crisis. >>> public hearings are underway now. utility executives admit it, they rejected valves four years ago that could have automatically shut off the flow of gas from a ruptured pipeline. eight people died in that blast. dozens of peoples were burned up. at least five people died trying to get away from the inferno in san bruno. >>> residents in the midwest are drying out after heavy rains left a lot of places under water. >>> in the south, more violent storms are proving deadly. here is the latest. >> reporter: homes and cars are under water in portland, indiana, after the river sp
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